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Presentation apps create slideshows that students can present live or can embed on a blog or website. Presentation apps are a great place to combine products from other apps, especially those in the Photo Project apps category. For example: the visual for a particular slide in a 30Hands video might be an annotated picture from Skitch or the background of a Haiku Deck slide might be a PicCollage image

Some examples in the classroom might be:

  • Math- Create an explanation of problem solving or math vocabulary.
  • Science- Create audio explanations for science experiments or topics.
  • SS- Create a presentation to explain historical events, people or places.
  • ELA- Create book trailers or reviews and visual poetry

My Favorite Presentation Apps
I have 2 favorites for this category because they each have a slightly different product.

Haiku Deck-
Haiku Deck creates beautiful presentations in which an image and a small amount of text are the focus. It forces students to be concise in their thinking and encourages good presentation techniques (ex: don't just read everything that's on the slide). You can also create simple bar and circle graphs. Learn more about Haiku Deck and see an example in Janie's blog post:

30 Hands-
30 Hands is an app that allows users to insert pictures and record audio narration to create a video. Images can be edited or annotated directly in the program or you can draw your own. Images from other apps like PicCollage can be added and narrated for further explanation. It's a great way to integrate the physical world with the digital world. Take pictures of student's paper drawings and create a narrated video.

Another Option:
Keynote is the iPad's version of PowerPoint. Students can create slideshows with images, text and embedded videos. Final products can be presented directly from the iPad (using the Reflector software on a teacher laptop computer or using a VGA adaptor) or saved as PowerPoint or PDF files.

What's your favorite presentation app?  Leave us a comment!


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