What's New? - Google App Updates, PicCollage Kids and Photos for Class

"What's new?"  I get this question a lot.  Today I have some exciting new (relatively) things to share!

1.  Google Docs and Slides app updates 

The newest update to the Google Docs and Slides apps FINALLY allows users to insert images from the camera roll!  Woo hoo!  Now the Google Docs and Slides apps can actually be replacements for Pages and Keynote on the iPad... with the added functionality of collaboration plus automatic saving/backing up.   More info about the update here: https://plus.google.com/+GoogleDocs/posts/hRLs2jrjLW6

Pic Collage has added a YouTube video search feature that is pretty scary to me.  Just by clicking the YouTube button, students could see a list of videos without ever typing in a keyword.  You can't predict what will come up.  The good news is that the company has released a new app called Pic Collage Kids that's perfect for students.  The only option for images is to insert from the camera roll and it doesn't have the YouTube option.  I know lots of teachers like the built in image search in PicCollage, but the fact is, we don't know where those images are coming from... from either a legal or safety standpoint.  More info about PicCollage Kids here:  http://blog.pic-collage.com/2015/04/22/new-app-introducing-pic-collage-for-kids/

Speaking of image searches... here's a new one to add to your list.  PhotosforClass.com has filtered, copyright friendly images just for students.  You can read more about how they do it on their website.

Here's a chart I made (must be logged in with your GCISD Google to view) with QR codes for students to easily access several copyright friendly image search sites.  Just print and post in your classroom.  Students can scan the codes and add the sites to their home screen for future use.