Throwback Thursday - 100 Word Challenge

I first blogged about the 100 Word Challenge in this post from September 2013.  The 100 Word Challenge is a fun and easy way to make global connections and provide a real life audience for student writing.

Each week students are given a prompt on the website (sometimes a picture and sometimes a phrase).  Students around the world (under the age of 16) write 100 word stories based on the prompt and post to a class blog.  Students can then read the blogs and comment on the stories  written by other students (both older and younger). It's a great way for students to get blog comments from outside their classroom and also a great way to encourage high level writing from your students.

Even if your students aren't blogging, they can still share their stories with each other and read stories from the showcase online.  

If you want to start blogging, EasyBlog is super easy (even kinders can do it!)  Here's our blog post on how to get started with EasyBlog