Snip - Free Screenshot + Annotation Software for Mac

Taking screenshots on your Mac is easy... just hold down Command+Shift+4 and then drag a square around what you want to screenshot.  An image name "screenshot" will then be saved to your desktop.  There are other keystrokes you can use depending on whether you want the whole screen, a specific window or just want the image copied to the clipboard.  Learn more here: 

Sometimes, however, you want to take that screenshot and add annotations to it.  That's where a free application called Snip can come in handy.

With Snip, you can draw squares, circles, arrows and lines or type text directly onto your screenshot.  Then, when your image is ready, click the download icon (the last icon on the toolbar) to save the image to your desktop.  

The Snip homepage has lots of helpful tips for learning the software.  Just scroll down to the FAQ section:

Number Frames App

Number Frames

Number Frames is a free app from the same company that makes Geoboard, Number Pieces Basic, Number Line and Number Rack.  It's perfect for creating 10 frame models for math problems.

Students can use premade 5, 10, 20 and 100 frames (or custom sizes!) to model number sentences.  There is a wide variety of counters to choose from and students can use the drawing tools to annotate.  

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