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Drawing apps are perfect for creating student artwork to be layered into other apps.

Some examples in the classroom might be:
  • Math- Use as a whiteboard to work out math problems. 
  • Science- Illustrate the moon phases and save to the Camera Roll. Use pictures to create a digital presentation in Keynote, 30Hands or another Presentation app. 
  • SS- Create a map replicating a classroom or school campus. Draw examples of hieroglyphics. Illustrate different types of housing Indians in Texas lived in.
  • ELA- Illustrate idioms, metaphors or other parts of speech. Recreate the setting of a story. 
  • Other- Draw a self-portrait for Art class. 
My Favorite Drawing Apps

Doodle Buddy -

Doodle Buddy is the most common basic drawing app. Students can choose from a spectrum of colors to draw with a brush, chalk or even glitter. There are some built in stamps that are great for creating patterns or modeling math problems.  Students can choose from several built in backgrounds or use any picture from the camera roll as the background... great for annotating!  Typed text can be added as well.  The final product can be saved in the camera roll and then layered into other apps like 30Hands, Haiku Deck, etc. to create a more complex product.

ColorBox HD -

If Doodle Buddy looks to "kiddy" for your students, try ColorBox HD. It looks like a real art box, complete with colored pencils, pens, markers and highlighters. Bonus points go to anyone who can tell me why on Earth there are the 2 lace handkerchief option tools... just tap the tool again to get rid of them if you accidentally add them to your drawing. Weird!

Doceri -

We've already looked at Doceri as a Screencasting App but it can also be used just for drawings. I've found that students really like the color choices and there's just something about the smooth lines that is appealing. Rather than recording audio over your drawing, just export it to the camera roll using the share icon.

What's your favorite drawing app?  Leave us a comment!


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