Aurasma - It's like QR codes but better!

Aurasma App

Aurasma is a super cool augmented reality app.  Aurasma creates "Auras" that allow you to hover over an object or image (like a poster on a wall) and another image or even a video will appear on the screen to give you more information.  Sound confusing?  Imagine this:  A science teacher wants to teach her students about lab equipment and safety.  An aura is created so that when the student scans eye goggles with the Aurasma app, a video about eye safety will begin to play on the iPad.  Check out this example for making posters come to life (if you're reading this via email, click this link to watch the video: )

The possibilities are endless:

  • Talking word walls or alphabets - scan a word or letter and a video starts to play talking about the word or letter.
  • Campus tours - place markers throughout the building that, when scanned, play student created videos describing particular places on campus
  • Talking posters - students create posters for projects and add Auras to key pictures on the poster to provide more information via video
  • Talking book trailers - scan a book cover and watch a video trailer for the book
  • Interactive notebooks - create Auras on diagrams or drawings in interactive notebooks to play instructional videos

Basic auras can be created with the iPad app or more sophisticated ones can be created using Aurasma Studio on the web.  The iPad app is great because the overlay videos can be taken straight from the iPad camera roll.  That means that you can create the videos with any app that saves to the camera roll... Tellagami, 30Hands, Doceri, iMovie, etc. for movies or 
Doodle Buddy, Pic Collage, PhotoCard lite, Skitch, etc. for images.  What a great example of app layering!

For more examples of Aurasma projects and tutorials check out my Pinterest board:

Getting Started with Aurasma Step by Step Instruction Sheet:


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