TCEA Highlight: Shoeboxes, Wikis and Blogs... Oh my!

This TCEA presentation from Keller ISD showcased using a wiki approach to frame the research process. Students use their own wiki page to brainstorm and narrow topics, collect resources, take notes and reflect on their learning process. 

The iSearch method guides the students through the process of identifying and researching topics that interest them using the following questions:
1.  What do I want to know?
2.  Where can I find my answers?
3.  How will I keep a record of the answers that I find?
4.  How will I share what I learned?
5.  How will I know I did a good job?

This is a great printable resource for students to track all the phases of the research process. Use it as a written journal or convert to a wiki page so students can work on their project from anywhere that has Internet access. 

Sample class wiki with sample student pages:

To learn more about the iSearch method, go to

Ready to get started using wikis in your classroom?  Check out the GCISD online course "Classroom 2.0: Wikis" in Eduphoria Workshop. It's available 24/7!

How have you used wikis in your classroom?  Leave us a comment to share your ideas.


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