Google Advanced Search

Did you know there's WAY more to Google than just typing a word or phrase into the little search box?     

Try out these cool Google searches: 
• Calculator‐ just type your equation into the search box 
• Conversion tool‐ 1 mile in feet, etc. (type into search box) 
• Dictionary‐ “define:” and then the word you want 
• Weather‐ “weather” and then the City 
• Flight‐ Enter the airline and flight number 
• Movies‐ “movie:” and your zip code 

 Want to learn more? Go to 

Have you ever clicked the "Advanced Search" link at the bottom of the search results page? There you'll find a variety of useful searches.

 "Find pages with..."-  These options will narrow your search by including or excluding specific words or phrases.

"Then narrow your results by..."- Check out these great options for narrowing results by language, last update, specific site, reading level, file type (.docx, .pptx, .pdf, etc.) or usage rights (copyright free).


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