QR Code Auto Generator- Great for Creating Lots of Codes at Once!

Want to make QR codes to your students' online projects but the thought of doing them one by one is scaring you away?  Have no fear!  The amazing Tammy Worcester has designed a Google Spreadsheet template that will automatically create QR codes for you!  Just paste in the desired URLs and let the spreadsheet do the work. 

To access the template, go to https://docs.google.com and login with your Google account (you can create one for free if you don't already have one.)  Click CREATE and FROM TEMPLATE.  Search the templates for QR and choose "QR Code Auto Generator Template".

Then just follow the directions on the spreadsheet to create and print your codes!

UPDATE:  If you have a problem printing your codes, try going to FILE and DOWNLOAD AS HTML.  Then you should be able to print from the HTML.

For more information and specific instructions, go to Tammy's blog.


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