What's a Mystery Skype?

What is a Mystery Skype?
A Mystery Skype is a Skype conversation between 2 classes.  The teachers arrange the Skype call in advance but the students do not know where the other class is located.  Students ask and answer pre-determined questions about their city/state to learn about where the other class is.  Students research the answers and guess the location of the other class.

What themes can be learned through Mystery Skypes?
Social Studies: geography, climate, landforms, natural resources, economy, cultures
Math: data collection, graphing, estimating, measuring
Science: weather, seasons, landforms
Thinking: research, organizing data, critical thinking, problem solving, compare/contrast
Listening/Speaking: notetaking, communicating via written, oral and visual information

What equipment do I need to do a Mystery Skype?
Either a computer with a webcam, microphone and Skype software loaded or an iPad 2 or higher with the Skype app installed.

How do I do a Mystery Skype?
I've put together a Mystery Skype checklist with reminders and resources to keep you on track. 

For more information about Mystery Skypes or other ideas for using Skype in the classroom, visit my Pinterest board http://www.pinterest.com/amypintx/school-skype/


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