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Mind mapping apps are used for brainstorming and organizing ideas. They are great for creating Thinking Maps, flow maps and graphic organizers.  Some examples in the classroom might be:

  • Math - Diagram the steps in problem solving.
  • Science - Brainstorm predictions prior to an experiment or use during the experiment to note observations.
  • SS - Organize information about people, places and events in history.
  • ELA - Use this tool with the planning phase of the writing process.
  • Other - In any classroom, use to capture your ideas while you brainstorm and sort them visually in real time.

My Favorite Mind Mapping App:  
Popplet Lite is my favorite due to the ability to add images (from the camera roll or internet) and drawings.  Even though you can only create one in the free version, it is an unlimited canvas so students can move to a “clean” portion of the canvas to create their product without deleting other work.

Other Options:
Idea Sketch has a neat feature that allows you to convert the map to an outline form and vice versa. You can use a variety of shapes and color code.  The main drawback is that there is no option for images or drawings.

Simple Mind is a very easy to use app for creating very simple mind maps.  There are no options for the shape of the bubble and no option for adding images or drawings.

Mind Mash is more like a drawing app.  It’s like a blank piece of paper on which students can draw, type or add images.

Venn Diagram is a free app from  It is only for creating Venn diagrams but is free and simple to use.

What’s your favorite mind mapping app and why? Leave us a comment!


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