The PixnTell app is like PhotoStory for the iPad.  The free version lets you create a 5 picture video.  It's simple to use.  First give your project a name.  Then choose up to 5 photos from your camera roll.  Click the pencil icon on each picture to edit the image.  The editor has lots of built-in features like crop, rotate and fixing redeye (see the screenshot below for more options).  You can also add text or draw on your image.  After all your images have been edited, record narration for each one and click the disk icon to save your project.  Completed projects can be uploaded to YouTube or shared via email or Dropbox as an mp4 file.

Students can create videos to show their learning in all subjects.  Create audio explanations for science experiments, book reviews or trailers, math explanations or visual poetry.  The possibilities are endless!  


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