Bingo Baker

Bingo Baker is a super easy way to create bingo cards for all kinds of review games in your classroom.  To get started, just type your words into the bingo grid on the site.  You can add extra words at the bottom if you have more than 24.  Then click the Generate button.  With the free version, you can only print 8 cards, but here's the super fun part... you can play interactively on the iPads!  Copy the URL of your bingo card and create a QR code.  Students scan the code with their iPad and each receive a unique bingo card that can be played on the iPad!  Too cool!

For help creating a QR code, check out our blog posts on QR codes:
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Check out the Snapguide below with detailed instructions for creating cards with Bingo Baker.  If you're viewing this blog post via email, you may have to click this link to view the Snapguide online (

Check out How to Create & Play Bingo on Your iPad by Lisa Johnson on Snapguide.


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