Scribble Press Deluxe

Scribble Press Deluxe

Scribble Press Deluxe is a great app that students can use to create books but it's not just for stories!  Here's some ideas for using Scribble Press in all content areas:
  • Math - Use as a math journal throughout the year to illustrate and explain concepts.
  • Science - Create a book to explain a science experiment. Use pictures from the actual lab to illustrate. Create books to explain a topic to younger students.
  • SS - Create biographies of famous Americans. Create books about important events in history.
  • ELA - Create books with illustrations of student's original stories. Create a collection of poetry.   
Students can start with a blank book or a template.

When students select the blank book, they can add multiple pages with the + sign at the top. On each page, students have options to type, write, draw, add images from the camera roll, record their voice, or add background music.   


Students can also insert premade backgrounds from a variety of themes. 

Completed books can be saved to the camera roll as a video (the best way... so that it's all together) or as a photo (makes each page its own image). 

Check out Scribble Press Deluxe today and let us know what you think in the comments!


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