I originally shared Thinglink in a blog post last year ( but I wanted to remind everyone about this amazing resource that now has a free teacher account that makes it easy to add and manage student accounts.

Things I love about Thinglink:

  • It can be used in ALL subjects in ALL grades.  
  • It's an easy way for student to "smash" or "layer" products (video or picture) from other apps into one final project.  
  • It's a website and an app ( Perfect for 1:1 or BYOD classrooms.
  • It's a great way to combine paper products with digital.  For example: students can draw/illustrate a diagram of the water cycle on paper and then use a picture of it as the background of a Thinglink with video explanations for each phase.

How To Create a Free Teacher Account:
1.   Go to the Thinglink Education website:
2.  Login with your district Google account.

Add Your Students:
1.  Click the Students icon at the top.
2.  Click the "Register Students" link in your class (or create additional groups if you have multiple classes).
3.  Type (or paste) a list of your students... just their first and last name.
4.  Thinglink will generate a list of user names and passwords.  Warning:  They definitely aren't pretty!  You'll want to print the list of logins AND save it as a PDF for future reference. 

Sharing Completed Projects (from the app):
  • Students can easily share their Thinglink on KidBlog by tapping the Share icon below their published project and choosing Copy.  This will copy the URL to the clipboard.  Students can then create a new blog post and paste in the link.
  • Students can add their Thinglink to the class "channel" by clicking the first icon below their image after they publish (it looks like a stack of pictures).  Then students will be able to see the work of their classmates via the class channel.
Check out my initial blog post on Thinglink for more ideas and instructions.


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